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This week, Paul travels to the island paradise of Molokai, Hawaii. From 1866 to 1969 thousands of men, women, and children diagnosed with leprosy were forcibly exiled to this island to die here in anonymity.  Two Catholic saints, Fr. Damien de Veuster and St. Marianne Cope ministered to them, built their houses, soothed their wounds, and helped them live lives of meaning and worth.

Join Paul in his white knuckle flight to the small Pacific island, and walk rainy and windswept paths in the rugged footsteps where St. Damien trod.  Travel across the peninsula from Kaluapapa to Kalawao, surrounded on three sides by treacherous surf, and on one side by 3000 foot cliffs.  Listen to tour guide Ian from Father Damien Tours as he recounts emotional stories of the citizens afflicted with this horrific disease, lost and forgotten on this island.

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In the wake of the 42nd annual March for Life, we revisit the life and work of Servant of God Jerome Lejeune, French geneticist and pediatrician.  The first to discover the genetic basis of a disease, Trisomy 21 or Down syndrome. Lejeune was a tireless defender of human life in its most vulnerable form, and after his incredible discovery, was vilified for his position in defense of human life.

On today's SaintCast we profile his life, and speak with the Postulator for his Cause for canonization, Aude Dugast. We learn of how he lived the virtues to a heroic degree, learn of his family life, and review his biography written by his daughter, Clara Gaymard.

Also on the SaintCast a new (old) Saint Jeopardy quiz, canonization news, and more.


Life is a Blessing, Biography of Jerome Lejeune, by Clara Gaymard

The Jerome Lejeune Foundation USA

Friends of Lejeune

Jerome Lejeune interview on YouTube, from American Life League

Siempre Adelante, newsletter of canonization cause of Jerome Lejeune

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SC 145 'The Pope who Quit' St. Celestine V

Prior to Pope Benedict XVI, over 700 years ago, one man resigned the papacy at age 84 and was canonized a saint a short while later. Peter Angelerio, otherwise known as Pope Celestine V was a saintly monk who was chosen pope in 1294, only to resign a short 5 months later, dying a prisoner of the next man to hold the Chair of Peter in a prison at Fumone.  On this SaintCast we interview author and historian Jon Sweeney, who authored a biography of Celestine V, "The Pope Who Quit," in 2012.  He describes the difficult political and ecclesial situation in the late 13th century, the dilemma in which Celestine found himself, and the reason he believes he was truly a saintly occupant of the papal office.

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Paul travels to Rome for the canonization of 7 new saints, including the North American Saints Kateri Tekakwitha and Mother Marianne Cope. Hear the excitement in the crowd of tens of thousands of pilgrims who have traveled to witness the special ceremony on the steps of St. Peter's Basilica.

Witness parts of the canonization ceremony preceding a Mass in Piazza San Pietro, with pilgrims from many nations.  The Filippino's clearly had the largest international contingent for the canonization of their second saint, and the only saint of Guam, Pedro Calungsod.  Paul interviews several of the pilgrims before heading out for lunch, at the close of a magical morning in La Citta' Eterna!

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From the Cenaculum, to St. Lawrence in Rome, to Spain. . . this small stone cup has been tenaciously protected and revered for centuries. This week on the SaintCast we interview Janice Bennett, author of "St. Laurence and the Holy Grail," a book that traces the history of the Holy Chalice of Valencia, the reputed Holy Grail that Christ used at the Last Supper.  Mrs. Bennett describes her search for the Holy Grail that brought her from libraries in Madrid, across the Pyrenees to the small agate cup guarded and preserved as the sacred chalice Christ used in Jerusalem at the Last Supper.

Paul talks about his recent trip to Washington, D.C. for the March for Life.  Also, hear news of new Saint Causes from England and the story of a newly found relic cloth with 365 saint relics in Buffalo, New York.  Mail, feedback, a Saint Joke, and more on this week's SaintCast.

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Paul takes SaintCast listeners on a tour of ancient Athens, touring the Acropolis, and especially the Areopagus hill, where St. Paul preached his sermon on the unknown god, found in the Acts of the Apostles.

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha miracle approved, more saints to come next year.

Feedback and Saint Jeopardy returns.  Feedback at 312-235-2278

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Be my Cyril or Methodius? We naturally think of today as St. Valentine's Day. In today's SaintCast we learn of the alternate feast day patrons, Cyril and Methodius, as well as the other Saints celebrated on the liturgical calendar this week.

Today's SaintCast features one of my new patrons, eminent Baroque-age neuroscientist, anatomist, and the father of Geology, Blessed Niels Stensen.  Can love of science and religion co-exist in the same person? Tune in to find out.  Feedback, a new St. Jeopardy quiz, and more on SaintCast #141.

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Back from an extended SaintCast break, Paul embarks on a trip into the New Mexico wilderness under the patronage of St. George, the patron Saint of scouting. Back with all new episodes, including stories from the back country, in 12 days.

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SaintCast listener Peter Wiberg interviews Auschwitz survivor Tadeusz Raznikiewicz, from Uppsala, Sweden, eyewitness to the last days of St. Maximilian Kolbe. You won't want to miss this chilling first-hand account of life in Auschwitz, and the story of how 'Pater Kolbe' gave up his life to save a doomed young man.

News on the canonization cause of the first U.S. priest of African descent from the Archdiocese of Chicago.
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SaintCast #138, St. John Fisher, and canonization 101

Does the Catholic Church 'make' a saint? Of course not, but in this episode of the SaintCast, learn the intricate details of the canonization process from square one. Also, a profile of the great English martyr, St. John Fisher.

The Saint news segment features new on the relics of Padre Pio, Kateri Tekakwitha's cause, and the upcoming Beatification ceremony of St. John Newman.  More extras on the iPhone SaintCast App, and the Saints of the Week in the liturgical calendar on this week's SaintCast.

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SaintCast #137, Ven. Michael McGivney, founder K of C, St. Anthony's relics, postulator interview, audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

He's responsible that nearly 2 million Catholic men are closer to their faith and families today - He's Venerable Michael McGivney and today on the SaintCast we learn about the founder of the Knights of Columbus from the postulator for his canonization cause in Rome, Father Gabriel O'Donnell.

News about St. Anthony of Padua's relics, St. Joan of Arc's relics, and an icon of a young Russian martyr in 1996 reportedly exuding sweet aroma.  A new St. Jeopardy quiz, and a joke of the week, along with a surprise - the debut of the SaintCast iPhone App!
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Yes, don't the Saints always win?  Chalk up another win for the saints. This week we profile St. Paul Miki and companions, and discuss the moving story of the Catholic Church in Japan. New book on John Paul II, and a new Blessed from the Spanish Civil War . . A new Saint Jeopardy question, saintly jokes, an appearance by the iPadre, and more giveaways on SaintCast #136.

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SaintCast #135, St. Anthony's Feast, Boston, new miracle for Pius XII? St. Meinrad, San Onofre, feedback@+1.312.235.2278

It's called the largest religious festival in the America, St. Anthony's Feast in Boston's North End. Paul takes you there to witness the sights, sounds, and festivities on the last weekend in August, simultaneously celebrated in Montelfalcione, Italy.

Saint news on a possible Pius XII miracle, a new movie on His Holiness, and feedback on San Onofre.

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SaintCast #134, Patron of the Daily Grind, Mary appearing in Egypt?, disposing of holy cards, audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

Ever wonder to whom to pray to help you get through the daily grind? Here's the man - a saint for the rest of us. No visions, miracles while alive, no extraordinary penances - just did his daily duty with love for God. Get to know St. Benildus. Is Mary now appearing in Egypt? Try your luck at the new St. Jeopardy. Saints of the Week, feedback, and more. . .

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SaintCast #133, St. Thomas Becket, Pope Saint titles, death of Italian stigmatist, audio feedback at +1.312.235.2278

839 years ago today, the murder of St. Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, inside Canterbury cathedral has been memorialized by T. S. Eliot, Jean Anouilh, and many others. Today we take an in depth look at the life and times of Henry II's close friend and confidant, whose life change and resulting martyrdom spawned years of miracles and pilgrimage.

A St. Jeopardy quiz winner and a new quiz on St. Lucy in this extended SaintCast on the 5th day of Christmas.

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SaintCast Extra - Santa Lucia, Catholic Roundup Advent Calendar, Elvis,Caruso, St. Lucy from Syracuse, feedback +1.312.235.2278

What do Elvis Presley, Enrico Caruso, Dante Alighieri, and Venetians have in common? They all have a special love for Santa Lucia. On December 13th we celebrate the Feast of St. Lucy. Special traditions take place all over the world.

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SaintCast #131, A Saintly Ghost Story, John Bosco, Saints on I-5 in California, All Saints Day, audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

Today, in honor of the Feast of All Saints (and Halloween) we recount a true ghost story as told by St. John Bosco, whose best friend who came to visit after his death.

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SaintCast #130, St. Crispin's Day, 5 new Saints, The Mills Brothers, a Catholic pilot & chemist, audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

Paul wishes a belated 'Happy St. Crispin's Day' to all, recalling the famous speech from Shakespeare's Henry V at the Battle of Agincourt.  We highlight the lives of 4 of the 5 new saints from October 11, the Mills Brothers, New Orleans, a Catholic Pilot and more.

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SaintCast #129, Soundseeing in Rome and SS. John & Paul, St. Januarius' blood,Sheen anniversary, feedback +1.312.235.2278

Paul and daughter Laura walk above the Coliseum in Rome, combing the Celian hill for Saint-related sites, and stumble upon the magnificent Basilica of SS. John and Paul, and the former home of Pope St. Gregory the Great. Also hear news of the miracle of San Gennaro in Naples this week.

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SaintCast #128, Bl. Miguel Pro, Mexican martyr, Man-on-street St. Louis, new SQPN podcasts, feedback @ +1.312.235.2278

In one of the fiercest Catholic persecutions of the last 100 years, 'God's jester,' Miguel Augustin Pro, was executed for his witness to Christ among the faithful of Mexico.  Learn about his many disguises, his pranks, and his faithful ministry to the poor in SaintCast #128. Also, Paul takes to the street in St. Louis to ask St. Louisians 'who is their patron saint?'

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SaintCast #127, 'Pax tecum Filumena,' St. Philomena, Cornwall saints, mourning the loss of a pet, feedback +1.312.235.2278

The bones found in the tomb in the catacombs of St. Priscilla were moved to Naples, and shortly thereafter amazing miracles began happening. What do we know of St. Philomena? Padre Pio generates solar power?

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SaintCast #126, Benedict of Nursia, miracles for Fr. Kapaun Blessed Marmion? Happy St. Swithun's Day, feedback +1.312.235.2278

High in the mountains of Lazio, south of Rome, young Benedict took refuge in the silence of a cave to come to know God, an inauspicious beginning to a man called the "Father of Western Monastacism." The story of Benedict, his Rule, and an interview with a Benedictine monk. Therese goes to space, Jesus, Tiger Woods, and more. News of miracles through the intercession of Father Kapaun and Blessed Marmion. Saints of the week, and Happy St. Swithun's Day!

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SaintCast #125, The City of St. Anthony, audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

Fresh from the CNMC, we pose the question, "Who is the Patron Saint of San Antonio?" We ask that question "on-the-street" (well, really, on the Riverwalk) and you'll be surprised at the answers! More on Anthony of Padua, and news on the bones of St. Paul. The oldest image of St. Paul ever discovered unveiled this week, feedback on "the Mind of Jesus," and Monsignor Mangan answers questions on the patrons of those discerning religious vocations. This and more on SaintCast #125.

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SaintCast #124, The Sacred Brain of Jesus?, Margaret Marie Alacoque, St. Shemp, St. Peter Martyr,audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

The sacred brain of Jesus? Never heard of that devotion? On today's SaintCast we review the life of Margaret Marie Alacoque, the saint largely responsible for the devotion to Jesus's Sacred Heart, and Paul ponders why there's no devotion to Jesus's mind.  Also, learn about Saint Shemp.

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SaintCast #123, Justin Martyr, iBreviary, soundseeing in Rome, Catholic New Media awards, feedback +1.312.235.2278

A saint reference in Nacho Libre? Play along with St. Jeopardy to find out what that's about. We profile an early Church martyr, philosopher, and Father, Justin Martyr, as we go soundseeing at the Aracoeli Basilica in Rome, Italy.

Does a saint's body have to be found to be canonized?

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SaintCast #122, A Saint called Bede, CNMC, New St. Jeopardy, Bartolo Longo, audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

Today we profile the Venerable Bede, a huge influence in the world from 'the Dark Ages,'all from a small monastery in England. From the timing of Easter to English translation of the Bible and other works, to tables of the tides, Bede left his mark on the world. Hear Fr. Z. from 'What Does the Prayer Really Say,' and from Fr. Reginald Foster, 'the pope's Latinist,' from Radio Vatican.

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SaintCast #121, Saints and pets, 5 new Saints, apology from Australia, CNMN, audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

Five new Saints were canonized in Rome, among them a Portuguese soldier, known in Portugal as the Father of the Nation. Also learn about Saints and the pets they loved.

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SaintCast #120, Bishop Larry Silva on Fr. Damien of Molokai, St. Bede and Dante, Pedro Calunsod, audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

Today we welcome Honolulu's Bishop Larry Silva to the SaintCast to discuss the upcoming canonization and life of Blessed Damien de Veuster. He talks of the upcoming celebrations and pilgrimages and what Fr. Damien means to Hawaii and the world.

"Who is St. Bede" and what does he have to do with Dante Alighieri?

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SaintCast #119, Testimony the DVD, Msgr. Mangan on gestures, new miracle for JPII, physics & saints, feedback +1.312.235.2278

Today Paul emerges from 2 weeks of hibernation (while recuperating from a respiratory illness) to highlight a new DVD on the life of Servant of God John Paul II. This new DVD reveals never-before-revealed secrets about events in the life of His Holiness that come to us via the memories of his long-time secretary, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz.

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SaintCast #118, Fr. Jim on "Who cares about the Saints?," man-on-street Who's St. Patrick, win DVD, feedback +1.312.235-2278

Man-on-the-street segment returns with Paul asking "What do you know about St. Patrick?" You'll be surprised at the answers. Fr. Jim Martin returns to talk about his DVD "Who Cares about the Saints?" Listeners questions, feedback, a possible patron saint for chemists, and your chance to win Fr. Jim's DVD on this week's Jeopardy quiz.

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SaintCast #117, Soundseeing at San Juan Capistrano, visit to follow with pictures, feedback +1.312.235.22

Travel with Paul today to southern California to the "jewel" of the California missions, as he visits Mission San Juan Capistrano, on this the 3rd anniversary of the SaintCast.  Follow along with photos at while learning about the mission founded by Blessed Junipero Serra, and the swallows of Capistrano.

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SaintCast #116, Fr. Damien to be canonized, ROMCAL and Ken Bath, St. Gabriel and the fish, audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

Great news from Rome this week, that Blessed Fr. Damien de Veuster, the priest to the lepers of Molokai is to be canonized in October. On this SaintCast we interview Ken Bath of the website, about his program to bring the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar to the masses. St. Raphael and the fish, SQPN giving campaign, Catholic New Media Conference, and saintly quote from Francis Xavier on this week's SaintCast.

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SaintCast #115, 7 Servite Founders, antimension?, St. Dominic and the Dogs, audiofeedback at +1.312.235.2278

Today on the SaintCast live (well almost) from San Diego, we learn about the 7 Florentine noblemen who started the Servite Order 775 years ago. Also, St. Dominic goes to the dogs. More on relics in the altars of listeners' parishes, Jeopardy answers, a new St. Jeopardy quiz, and a touching account of the martyrdom of St. Paul Miki. What is an antimension? Listeners sound off on a number of topics on this new SaintCast.

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SaintCast #114, Aquinas for Dummies, B. Kreissl & J. Lonfat, St. Anthony and lost things, altar relics,feedback +1.312.235.2278

Do you understand Aquinas? OK. . I'm not the only one with that difficulty. But today on the SaintCast, two medieval philosophy scholars, Joel Lonfat and Bettina Kreissl-Lonfat tell us why he's so important to the Church, what his major writings meant, who influenced him, and even take us through the Five Ways to come to know God's existence. We also learn of the approval of a miracle in the cause of a Trappist monk, architect, and photographer from Spain, Blessed Brother Rafael. More on relics in the altar from Brazil, and why is St. Anthony the patron saint of lost objects? These topics and more on today's SaintCast.

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SaintCast #113, The life of St. Thomas Aquinas, the manger in the stars, St. Jeopardy goes to dogs, feedback +1.312.235.2278

High on a rocky ledge in what was once the kingdom of Sicily, this cousin of the emperor Frederick II contemplated his future while a prisoner in his own family's castle. Who would have thought that he would come to be recognized as one of the greatest minds of the Catholic Church. . .The quiet demeanor of this humble giant of a man led others to believe he was a dunce.  But Aquinas's theology and writings were anything but simple. Tune in to hear the life story of "the Angelic Doctor" of the Catholic Church, author of some of the Church's most beloved hymns, and perhaps the greatest theologian in the history of Christianity.

Try your hand at this week's St. Jeopardy quiz, and win a T-shirt. Feedback and more.

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SaintCast Extra #2 - 12 Days of Christmas 2008/9

This is a brief podcast part of the 12 days of Christmas for the Catholic New Media Roundup Advent calendar, on the traditions of midnight Mass and Mass at dawn on Christmas, in Jerusalem and Bethlehem in the 4th century.

Music in this episode: O little town of Bethlehem by Kathy Fisher at

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SaintCast Extra - Advent 2008,  Feast of Juan Diego

This is a brief episode aired as part of the Catholic New Media Roundup's Advent calendar, on the Feast of Juan Diego, 2008.

Music in this episode:  O Come Emmanuel sung by Kathy Fisher. Susan Tangâs music comes courtesy of

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SaintCast #112, Francis Xavier, Apostle of the Indies, St. Jeopardy an the stars, Dante Alighieri, feedback +1.312.235.2278

He died nearly alone, on tiny Sancian island, within sight of China - only 10 km from the land of his life's dream. His dream. . to evangelize the East.  On today's podcast we explore the life and work of Francis Xavier, directly responsible for baptizing the most converts since St. Paul. We know much about Xavier from his touching letters, and the letters of those around him. A carefree college kid in Paris, he had a conversion experience that led him, along with Ignatius Loyola, to found the Jesuits. Steadfastly obedient to his mission, he traveled to India, Japan, and Indonesia, and almost to China to bring the message of Christianity to thousands.

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SaintCast #111, St. Stephen's Day, klling the wren, Stephen's tomb, Way of St. Vincent, audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

Have you killed the wren today?  How about bleeding your horse? These are traditions around the world celebrated in honor of the Feast of St. Stephen, the Church's first martyr, celebrated on the day after Christmas. You've heard of the Way of St. James, how about the Way of St. Vincent? Our only source about the life of St. Stephen is from St. Luke in the Acts of the Apostles. However, we learn of the whereabouts of his tomb from an apocryphal work of the 6th century.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_111_St._Stephens_Day.mp3
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SaintCast #110, "I am the Immaculate Conception," soundseeing at the grotto at Lourdes, audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

150 years ago, a 14 year old girl saw another 'girl' in the niche of a grotto along the River Gave. She said she was 'the Immaculate Conception.' Today Paul takes you there to experience the 'sights' and sounds of the sanctuary at Lourdes. Come experience a visit to the Grotto at Massabielle, visit the tiny Cachot where she lived in a one room former prison with her family, and hear the candlelight procession of thousands. There's still time to respond with the answer to the question of which relics are in your church's altar. . and win some SaintCast swag.

Direct download: SaintCast_110_Soundseeing_in_Lourdes_France.mp3
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SaintCast #109, Holy Grail part II, Speeding Saints, Jeopardy challenge, BC Saint?, audiofeedback +1.312.235.2278

Is the Santo Caliz of Valencia the Holy Grail that Christ used at the Last Supper? Tune in to part II of our series on the Grail to trace it's history from Christ to St. Lawrence to it's place in a small chapel in Valencia, Spain today. Paul throws down the gauntlet in a new St. Jeopardy Challenge, Speeding Saints, a possible British Columbia saint cause, St. Dymphna, and words of wisdom from a Vietnamese Saint on today's SaintCast.

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SaintCast #108, St. Laurence and the Holy Grail, Santo Caliz of Valencia, Pius XII at miracle of Sun, feedback +1.312.235.2278

Today on the SaintCast, in the first of a 2 part series on the Holy Grail of Valencia, the story of the life and martyrdom of St. Laurence, and how he saved the chalice used in the last supper for posterity. A recent book by Janice Bennett traces the history of the Santo Caliz of Valencia, Spain, believed by many to be the true chalice used by Jesus Christ at the last supper.  We follow it's early history from the Upper Room to the hands of the Church's deacon, St. Laurence of Spain.  We read from a stirring and graphic account of the Saint's martyrdom from a 6th century priest, St. Donato.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_108_St._Laurence_and_the_Holy_Grail.mp3
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SaintCast #107, 4 New Saints, Landslide Jeopardy answers, Holy Grail, Faith Journey by Taq, St. Jokes, feedback@+1.312.235.2278

The first Saints of 2008 canonized last weekend in Rome by Pope Benedict XVI are profiled in this SaintCast. Paul's off to Spain to visit the Holy Grail, Lourdes, and other saintly places. Stay tuned! Three religious and a laywoman from Ecuador were canonized by the Holy Father last weekend. A huge response with many correct answers to the last St. Jeopardy quiz.  Test your mettle at a more complicated question that will require a bit more thinking and research. . . on the Holy Grail of Valencia, Spain.

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SaintCast #106, Soundseeing in San Giovanni Rotondo, Padre Pio, The Holy Grail in Valencia, audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the death of Saint Padre Pio, whose Feast was celebrated September 23rd, Paul walks us through Padre Pio's shrine where his recently disinterred remains are exposed for public veneration. Paul talks to daughter Gina half a world away, visiting Saintly sites in Spain including the reputed Holy Grail in Valencia.

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SaintCast #105, Canterbury Saints, Franz Jaegerstaetter and Christian 'dual life,' audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

Listener feedback from Canterbury and St. Thomas More, Archbishop Chaput on a German martyr for the faith, and much more. High school Physics has derailed the SaintCast, but not for long :) Coming to you live (well almost) from Orlando, Florida, the SaintCast returns with a new St. Jeopardy related to a Hollywood actor and the Universit of Notre Dame. We summarize a recent talk by Archbishop Chaput during World Youth Day activities, on an incredible German martyr for the faith, and hear the final words of St. Andrew Kim Taegon.

  • "A Man for All Seasons," at
  • and music from Ensemble Vermillian
  • Archbishop Chaput's talk in Sydney - Theology on Tap
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SaintCast #104, Death of St. Monica, Perseid meteors, Physics and SaintCast, audio feedback line +1.312.235.2278

Today Physics threatens to derail the SaintCast, a reading from St. Augustine on the death of his mother, Monica, and more. . . Canada storms the St. Jeopardy feedback lines, Saint of the Week, and more saintly stories on this week's SaintCast.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_104_Saint_Monicas_death.mp3
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SaintCast #103, St. Dominic, new timely and astronomical St. Jeopardy, audio feedback line +1.312.235.2278

Today we profile one of the most beloved and influential Saints of all time, a 13th century Spaniard, known as Domingo de Guzman. Those of us who've known Dominican priests or nuns will love learning about the life of their founder. Jason keeps the "Canadian streak" going in the answer to St. Jeopardy from last week, plus a new timely St. Jeopardy trivia question, and Terry Jones introduces his new segment on Saints of the Week in the Roman calendar.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_103_St._Dominic.mp3
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SaintCast #102, Fr. Seraphim on Tsar Alexander of Russia, a Saint? jeopardy winner, audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

Fr. Seraphim Beshoner, star of Catholic Under the Hood, joins Paul "in the Hood" in Overland Park for a uStream recording of the SaintCast, discussing Russian Tsar Alexander I, reputed to be a saint in the Russian Orthodox Church. Did the Russian emperor Tsar Alexander I fake his death in 1825, and spend the last years of his life as a holy monk in Tomsk, Siberia, as Feodor Kuzmich? Fr. Seraphim, a Russian historian, helps us understand the story in its historical context, discusses the recent book about the subject, and tells us what he believes of the legend.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_102_Tsar_Alexander_I.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:47am CDT

SaintCast #101, Mortification & why saints do it, Mary MacKillop of Australia, confirmation & conversion, fback +1.312.235.2278

Fr. Jim Martin answers a listener's question on suffering and mortification in the lives of the saints. What is it, and why do they do it? Plus news on an Australian saint-in-the-making. Pope Benedict says that Blessed Mary MacKillop will be the first Australian saint. Hear about her life, feedback on confirmation saints and conversion, and more on SaintCast 101.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_101_Mortification_in_Lives_of_Saints.mp3
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SaintCast #100, Surprise! plus more soundseeing from the Eternal City on the Feast of Corpus Christi, feedback +1.312.235.2278

In honor of the 100th SaintCast, a special song about . . . what else, The Saints, written and performed by Dr. Paul. Plus more SoundSeeing from the Eternal City. Paul and daughter Laura are fortunate to be in Rome for the moving Eucharistic procession through the streets in honor of the Feast of Corpus Christi.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_100_Surprise.mp3
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SaintCast #99, Gemma Galgani and Soundseeing in Lucca, Italy, one more show to 100, feedback at +1.312.235.2278

Did you ever read about saints who spoke with Jesus, their guardian angels? Here's the story of a young Italian woman, the first saint of the 20th century, and how and where she lived in the beautiful walled city of Lucca. Paul and daughter Laura explore the ancient city of Lucca in Tuscany, and discuss the young Italian saint, Gemma Galgani. Our saint profile today courtesy of listener Bob D'Aurelio. Pictures at

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_99_St._Gemma_Galgani.mp3
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SaintCast #98, Marathons, Mortification, and Feedback, Ignatian letters audio, Theotokos, St. Jeopardy,feedback +1.312.235.2278

Feedback direct from the Boston Marathon, Catholic New Media conference wrap, and what's with the Saints and mortification? Tune in to SaintCast #98 for more. Today we cover feedback from Paul's time abroad, and play a small sample of a coming podcast live from the Corpus Christi procession in Rome. A listener asks about corporal mortification and it's presence in the lives of many saints. New audio series on the letters of St. Ignatius, and a preview of next week's Saint. All this plus a new Saint Jeopardy.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_98_Feedback_Boston_Marathon_and_Mortification.mp3
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SaintCast #97, Soundseeing at Papal Audience in Rome, daughter lost in Vatican City, cheering crowds, feedback +1.312.235.2278

Enjoy the singing, cheering, jostling, and electric atmosphere of a papal audience in the Paul VIth hall, Vatican City.More...
Paul's wife can't believe he let his youngest daughter wander through the papal audience hall alone in search of a bathroom. Follow Paul and daughter Laura to more 'saintly sights' from Assisi to Lucca in weeks to come.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_97_Papal_Audience_in_Rome.mp3
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SaintCast #96, SaintCast in Rome! 1st stop-St. Peter's, basilica visit, secrets in Piazza S. Pietro, feedback +1.312.235.2278

Paul and his youngest daughter Laura explore the wonders of La Citta' Eterna. The first installment takes us to beautiful St. Peter's basilica. More to follow from such saintly places as Assisi, Lucca, Venice, and San Giovanni Rotondo.

Direct download: SaintCast_96_St._Peters_Basilica.mp3
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SaintCast #95, Must we believe in Miracles? Padre Pio unearthed, Damien soon to be saint? CUF,audio feedback @ +1.312.235.2278

A listener poses the question, "Is it necessary to believe in miracles to be Catholic?" We turn to saint expert, Fr. Jim Martin, of "My Life with the Saints." Saint news on Blessed Fr. Damien, Padre Pio, and St. George's Israel connection, and Paul goes to Italy, follow him on Twitter.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_95_Believing_in_Miracles.mp3
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SaintCast #94, More from Saintly New Orleans, Saintsforsinners studio, St. Fink, Louis Prima's grave, feedback +1.312.235.2278

Today Paul visits the New Orleans studios of Rob Clemenz of who spreads the stories of the Saints with beautiful hand-painted medals.
We learn about St. Fink, why St. Gabriel plays the trumpet, and pay a visit to a particular grave in a storied New Orleans cemetery.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_94_More_from_New_Orleans.mp3
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SaintCast #93, Francis Xavier Seelos, 'Smiling Ascetic,' Pier Giorgio Frassati to Sydney, Jamaican feedback, +1.312.235.2278

Paul travels to New Orleans, Louisiana to talk with the Vice-postulator of the cause for sainthood of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos. Tune in to learn about 'The Smiling Ascetic.'  Another T-shirt out to the St. Jeopardy winner, and a new quiz this week. Pier Giorgio Frassati's relics to Sydney? Feedback from Jamaica, and more.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_93_Blessed_Francis_Xavier_Seelos.mp3
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SaintCast Extra #92, with Terry Jones, audio feedback at +1.312.235.2278

We at SQPN are incredibly proud to announce the association with SQPN of Terry Jones and the Patron Saints website at  This is believed to be the most comprehensive website devoted to saints on the web. 

Direct download:
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SaintCast #91, Soundseeing at Mission San Diego, Steubenville recap, Catholic Rockers, audio feedback +312.235.2278

Today we bring you to the sunny, southern California town of San Diego to visit the first of the California missions founded by Blessed Junipero Serra.    A look at some special episodes to come . . later this week.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_91_Soundseeing_at_Mission_San_Diego.mp3
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SaintCast #90, Orthodox Saints, Man-on-Street New Orleans, John XXIII & jokes, Cause begun for Msgr Quinn, call +1.312.235.2278

Today we discuss Orthodox Saints with an Orthodox priest, a SaintCast man-on-the-street interview in New Orleans, Bl. John XXIII and Saint Jokes of the Week, and the Saint who invented "Atonement" with a new St. Jeopardy on this week's SaintCast.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_90_Orthodox_Saints.mp3
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SaintCast #89, 150 Years of Lourdes, 5 yr wait waived for Sr. Lucia, St. Pat's parades?, St. Jeopardy, feedback +1.312.235.2278

Finally, a new SaintCast to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the appearance of the Blessed Virgin at Lourdes, France.  We discuss a number of new Saints-in-the-News stories, including a new document about how the Church proceeds in Causes of Saints.  Why St. Patrick's Day and St. Joseph's Day celebrations in America will be moved in many cases, a recent trip to New Orleans, and a new St. Jeopardy with an Oscar tie-in on this edition of the SaintCast.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_89_150_Years_of_Lourdes.mp3
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SaintCast #88, Soundseeing in Pisa, Italy, indulgence for Lourdes, mystic monk coffee, Ask Fr Jim,  feedback at +1.312.235.2278

Today we discuss the plenary indulgence announced by Pope Benedict on the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the appearance of Our Lady to Bernadette Soubirous in Lourdes, France. Join Paul and son Chris in a tour around the Campo dei Miracoli, the Field of Miracles that contains the immense Duomo of Pisa, the beautiful Baptistery, the Campo Santo (cemetery), and of course, the Leaning Tower. Visit the website for pictures of the day. Fr Jim Martin answers listeners questions and more on SaintCast #88.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_88_Soundseeing_in_Pisa.mp3
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Today on the SaintCast, we interview Fr. Jim Martin, author of "My Life with the Saints," and his new book "A Jesuit Off Broadway." Fr. Jim talks about his work in an Off Broadway Production about the last days of Judas Iscariot, a work directed by Oscar winning actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman, starring Sam Rockwell, and currently in production in London and elsewhere. He talks about Judas, actors, and his experience in helping all to a greater understanding of Jesus and the Saints. A few Saints In the News items, and Fr. Jim meets Stephen Colbert, on SaintCast #87. 

* Fr. Jim Martin - Laughing with the Saints
* Fr. Jim with Stephen Colbert

My facebook page
Join the SaintCast Souls facebook group
Follow Paul on Twitter

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_87_Fr._James_Martin__A_Jesuit_Off_Broadway_.mp3
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SaintCast #86, St. Anthony of the Desert, Patron Saints Index, iphone ad spoof, grade school hoops, feedback +1.312.235.2278

Today we learn about the Saint who has been called the founder of Christian monasticism, Anthony of the Desert. What prompted him to live a solitary life of virtue, as a hermit in the harsh Egyptian desert? Paul and Chris post an iPhone commercial parody that you can see by clicking the above video link. Terry Jones of the Patron Saints Index joins us for a look at the week's saints. A saint's car recently sold in Italy - find out who in this week's St. Jeopardy quiz. And next week, we interview Fr. Jim Martin of My Life with the Saints, on his new book, A Jesuit Off Broadway.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_86_St._Anthony_of_the_Desert.mp3
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SaintCast #85, Soundseeing in Santa Clara (and Cupertino), California, audio feedback at +1.312.235.2278

Join Paul and SaintCast listener Jonathan on a journey to the Carmel of the Infant Jesus Monastery in Santa Clara, California, and a brief visit to One Infinite Loop, Cupertino (Apple HQ). Were they able to discover any secrets, and new projects, before having their podcasting equipment confiscated? Tune in to find out. Pictures available at the link below, in case you'd like to follow along while listening.

Direct download: SaintCast_85_Soundseeing_at_The_Carmel_of_the_Infant_Jesus.mp3
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SaintCast #84, Fr. Seraphim back 'In the Hood,' Orthodox Saints, Geek news, new Blesseds, Pio exhumed? feedback +1.312.235.2278

Find out what a Third Order Franciscan Friar and a podcasting neurosurgeon do for fun on a snowy midwestern night on this SaintCast. Fr. Seraphim of Catholic Under the Hood pays a visit to the SaintCast and answers questions ranging from Austrian food, to Notre Dame Irish football, to how Catholics should view Orthodox Saints. A SC mug to whomever shows proof of making St. Basil's bread this year. iPhone geek news, news of some new Blessed's this year, a new Saint Jeopardy, and news of the exhumation of Padre Pio on this week's SaintCast.

Direct download: SaintCast_84_Fr._Seraphim_back_In_the_Hood.mp3
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SaintCast #83, Christmas Saint Traditions, St. Francis and Greccio, voice discovered on TV commercials, fback +1.312.235.2278

What's the connection with St. Clare, television, and Christmas? Why would a girl wishing to marry throw a shoe at the door around midnight on November 29th? Why is St. Thomas remembered on the longest night of the year? These are just a few of the many Saint traditions associated with the Christmas season. We've got beautiful Christmas songs from someone I discovered on a TV commercial (!) and St. Francis and Greccio on the SaintCast"After Christmas Special." Music from,, and

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_83_Christmas_Saint_traditions.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #82, Feedback and more, St. John of the Cross, new podcast from Wales, Saint Joke of week, +1.312.235.227

What do a physics professor, Philmont Boy Scouts, a Dominican friar at Midway Airport, college students from Milwaukee, Penn State, and Fordham have in common? They've all sent in feedback that has yet to be played on the SaintCast - until now! Listen in on the Feedback special, some biographical notes on St. John of the Cross, and a preview of a new podcast from Wales, as well as the Saint JOKE of the WEEK.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_82_John_of_the_Cross.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #81, SoundSeeing at St. Josaphat's in Milwaukee, Sts. Juan Diego, Lucy, and more, feedback +1.312.235.2278

On today's SaintCast we travel with the Camarata Clan to the Basilica of St. Josaphat in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, getting lost along the docks on the way. A great week for Saint Feast Days with St. Juan Diego, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Lucy, and more! Tell us about your favorite saint, a favorite patron, or a favorite saintly tradition this Advent Season.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_81_Soundseeing_at_the_Basilica_of_St._Josaphat.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #80, St. Cecilia, new Blessed Rosmini, VocationsCast, Indonesian greetings, audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

Fact or Fiction, Legend or History - who was the real St. Cecilia? And why is she the patron saint of Music? Tune in to SaintCast #80 to find out. Special Indonesian greetings from a listener in Perth. A new Blessed, whose writings were previously condemned by the Church. The resting place (s) of St. Josaphat, and a new podcast on vocations.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_80_St._Cecilia.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #79, Sts. Zacchaeus & Josaphat, marathon training for Tulsa, John of Shanghai, feedback at +1.312.235.2278

Yes, even the Dynamic Duo turned to the saints for intercession. Today we learn of the Slavic cleric who hoped and fought for union between Latin and Eastern churches, and whose body was found to be incorrupt, years after suffering a brutal martyrdom. Was Zacchaeus a saint? Marathon training, tapering, struggling, words of wisdom from an Orthodox Saint, SQPN giving, and a new St. Jeopardy quiz and winner on SaintCast #79.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_79_Sts._Zacchaues_and_Josaphat.mp3
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'All Saints'Cast #78, 10 Ways to Grow Closer to God with Bert Ghezzi, Italian teen saint?, St. Jeopardy, fback +1.312.235.2278

Today we welcome Dr. Bert Ghezzi to the SaintCast. Frequent contributor to EWTN and author of 17 books, including his latest, "The Heart of a Saint," Dr. Ghezzi tells us what it takes to be a Saint. A great addition to your library just in time for the Feast of All Saints. What animal is on the San Damiano crucifix? The winner of St. Jeopardy, news of a possible cause for sainthood of a young Italian teenager, and more on this special edition of the SaintCast.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_78_All_Saints_Day_Edition_Bert_Ghezzi.mp3
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SaintCast #77, Steve Runner and St. Sebastian, Cardinal Newman miracle, largest Beatification in history, fback +1.312.235.2278

Steve Runner of the award-winning Phedippidations podcast joins us on the SaintCast to discuss his favorite patron saint, the patron saint of athletes, St. Sebastian. Here he is with his son in full SQPN regalia at the American League Baseball Championship at Fenway Park. We go over the Saints of the Week, listener feedback, saints-in-the-news including talk about a miracle for Cardinal Newman, the beatification of 498 martyrs of the Spanish Civil War, and another mug winner for the Saint Joke of the week.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_77_Steve_Runner_and_St._Sebastian.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #76, Soundseeing in Assisi, Stanford college reunion, Catholic United for Faith, feedback +1.312.235.2278

Today, in honor of the Feast of St. Francis 2 weeks ago, we present another soundseeing tour of some of the sacred places in Assisi. We take you on hike down the Umbrian hillside to San Damiano, the small church where St. Francis first heard Jesusâs call, to the Basilica of St. Francis and its marvelous frescoes, and the tiny walkways and pathways through this quaint central Italian village.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_76_Soundseeing_in_Assisi_Italy.mp3
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SaintCast #75, Blessed Piergiorgio Frassati, Podcast Expo and community, YoGeek, St. joke, audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

It was a great weekend at the Podcast and New Media Expo in Ontario, California. We caught up with Elsie Escobar of the YoGeek Workout Podcast, and asked the question, "Who is your favorite patron saint?" We profile a young Blessed future saint, Pier Giorgio Frassati, often called "The Man of the Beatitudes," who died at the young age of 24. 

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_75_Blessed_Pier_Giorgio_Frassati.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #74, Becoming a Patron Saint, miracle of San Gennaro, patron of lost taste & princesses, +1.312.235.2278

Have you ever wondered why St. Teresa of Avila is the patron saint of those with headaches, or why St. Anthony is the patron of lost things? Today we talk to Monsignor Robert Sarno of the Congregation for the Causes of the Saint in the Vatican about how the process takes place. News from the Podcast and PME convention in Ontario, California, listeners proposals about the patron of the loss of the sense of taste, the miracle of the blood of St. Januarius, and a new Saint Jeopardy.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_74_Patron_Saints.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:02pm CDT

Today on the SaintCast we have the great pleasure of interviewing the postulator for the Cause of Mother Teresa, and the editor of her new book, "Come Be My Light," Fr. Brian Kolodiejchuk. Fr. Brian discusses Mother Teresa's 'inner darkness,' and the media reaction to this being brought to light in the private writings of the founder of the Missionaries of Charity. Tune in to listen to the inner thoughts through the life's journey of this modern saint, Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Mother Teresa center

Mother Teresa canonization site

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_73_Mother_Teresa__Come_Be_My_Light_.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #72, Finding the True Cross, intercession of Saints, new book on Bl. Teresa, feedback +1.312.235.2278

Today on the SaintCast we discuss the history behind the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, and the finding of the relics of the True Cross. We go to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for another "SaintCast Man on the Street" interview to see how many know the patron saint of Milwaukee. We hear a great book review on Mother Teresa's new book, "Come Be My Light" from the Curt Jester, Jeff Miller.  Listener feedback asking about non-Catholic saints, a new St. Jeopardy, and more ways to win SaintCast mugs on SaintCast #72.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_72_Finding_of_the_True_Cross.mp3
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SaintCast #71, Saints for Sinners, Bruce Springsteen, Katrina, hand-painted medals, 14 Holy helpers, feedback +1.312.235.2278

What do 'The Boss' Bruce Springsteen, Hurricane Katrina, and Saints have in common? Tune in to the latest SaintCast to find out. Paul interviews Rob Clemenz of the website who handcrafts hand-painted saints medals. Jamaican welcome, Fr. Seraphim Beshoner on St. Simon of Cyrene, listener feedback, and Saints of the coming week on SaintCast #71.

Direct download:
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SaintCast Episode #70, St. Monica, Patron of carbonated H20, Simon of Cyrene, Catholic Family podcast, feedback 312.235.2278

On today's SaintCast, we profile the patron saint of mothers with difficult children (probably all of our mothers) St. Monica. The answer to St. Jeopardy on the Irish pilgrim saint whose name is on bottles of carbonated water worldwide. Listener feedback. Is Simon of Cyrene a Saint? A new chance to win a T-shirt and new SaintCast mug, on SaintCast #70.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_70_St._Monica.mp3
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SaintCast #69, Saints and Scouting, Saints vs. Wild, Saints of the Week, facebook, Saint Joke, feedback 312.235.2278

Paul returns from his New Mexico scouting adventure fresh with new experiences and a renewed zest for civilized life.  A look at the honored Saints of the Week for this week including St. Bernard and St. Rose of Lima.  The Spacebook-My Face community (or whatever it's called), and a Saint Joke of the week, all on the new SaintCast.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_69_Saints_and_Scouting.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #68, Blessed Ivan Mrtz, 'Ask the Dr. segment,' Nicodemus and Michelangelo, feedback +1.312.235.2278

While I'm still hiking in New Mexico, we'll learn about another of the elect, Blessed Ivan Mrtz, a saint for the young people. The photo above is courtesy AJ, a scout who just returned from Philmont Scout ranch. What a beautiful testament to God's creation. 'Ask the Doctor' segment, and Saints of the Week on SaintCast 68.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_68_Blessed_Ivan_Mrtz.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #67, Compostela recap, questions on Korean apparition, Dying Man's blog, OntheU, fback +1.312.235.2278

While I'm in the New Mexico mountains, we recap the long pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela made recently by SaintCast listener Steve Nelson and friends.  We talk about news about a questionable apparition in Korea, feedback on the blog of someone living with cancer, and preview of SaintCasts to come on SaintCast #67.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_67_Santiago_de_Compostela_Recap.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #66, A Scouting Adventure, Cowbell?, St. Jeopardy, SQPN Board meeting, iPhone, feedback +1.312.235.2278

Back after a busy two weeks, on this SaintCast we pray for the intercession of St. George as scouting celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first Scout Camp.  A little about the first SQPN board meeting, and more cowbell.  iPhone spoofs, the Saints of the Week, a new St. Jeopardy question, and my preparations for the a journey to New Mexico on SaintCast #66.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_66_A_Scouting_Adventure.mp3
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SaintCast #65, iPhones and Apparitions, saint prayers answered, RelicMan returns, SQPN meets in GA, feedback +1.312.235.2278

Fr. Jay Finelli, the iPadre joins us to talk about official versus unofficial apparitions. The iPhone cometh, feedback on answered prayers from patron saints, the RelicMan returns, and Saints of the Week on SC #65.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_65_About_Apparitions.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #64, soundseeing in Chicago, red frisbees, deep dish pizza, year of St. Paul, audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

Frisbees over the altar? Tune in as we visit Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago, and sample Chicago's own deep dish pizza. A number of great saints are celebrated this week, and Thursday Pope Benedict declare this 'the year of St. Paul.'

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_64_Soundseeing_in_Chicago.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #63, St. Anne, Golden Legend, Boy Scout Camp, Episcopalian Saints, St. Therese beads, feedback +1.312.235.2278

Paul Calamari :-p is back with SaintCast 63 and a profile of St. Anne. A new St. Jeopardy answer and T-shirt giveaway, website for Pilgrimages, the pope's visit to Assisi, St. Peregrine and cancer, more on Iraqi Christians, and 2 Saint Jokes-of-the-Week on the latest SaintCast.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_63_St._Anne.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #62, Fr. Ragheed Ganni martyr, Saints of week, Eucharistic processions, audio feedback at  +1.312.235.2278

On Today's SaintCast we discuss the recent death of Iraqi Chaldean priest, Fr. Ragheed Ganni, killed while returning from Mass on Pentecost Sunday. We hear a touching letter from a Muslim friend. The Saints on the Roman calendar this week, and personal notes on Eucharistic adoration.

Article written on Fr. Ragheed Ganni
Papal audience on St. Cyprian
12 promises and visions of St. Margaret Mary

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_62_Fr._Ragheed_Ganni.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #61, St. Charles of Mount Argus, Favorite patron saint, saint movie database, feedback +1.312.235.2278

The Curt Jester, Jeff Miller, joins us for our new segment interviewing podcasters and bloggers, asking "Who is your favorite Patron Saint?" Four new saints this past weekend, including a Dutch-born priest who spent most of his life in Ireland. A new St. Jeopardy quiz, a database for Saint movies, and the week's saint calendar on SaintCast 61.

The Curt Jester's blog

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_61_St._Charles_of_Mount_Argus.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #60, Jerome Lejeune, Man on Street-Chicago, Justin Martyr,Down's syndrome, Relicman,feedback +1.312.235.2278

Paul goes to Chicago for another SaintCast "Man-on-the-Street" interview, Saints of the Week including St. Bede, Joan of Arc, and Justin Martyr.  We have a saintly profile of French Geneticist Dr. Jerome Lejeune who discovered the genetic basis of Down's syndrome.  We talk relics with  Tom Serafin-'The Relicman.'  

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_60_Jerome_Lejeune.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #59, Pilgrimages, Compostela, Canterbury, more on Fr Damien, Purple Martins, audio feedback 312.235.2278

On today's SaintCast we explore pilgrimages. . why to we go on pilgrimage?  What is the lure? Brother Giles joins us from Valladolid, Spain, where SaintCast listeners are getting ready to embark on the arduous journey of several hundred miles.  Listener feedback on pilgrimages in the UK.

A new St. Jeopardy, with a new prize!  More saintly news, purple martins, and rebuilding data from backups on the SaintCast.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_59_Pilgrimages.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #58, Blessed Damien of Molokai, 'Man on the Street' interview, Dante and Celestine, feedback 312.235.2278

We debut a new segment on SaintCast #58, "Man on the Street" in Las Vegas, Nevada, asking 'who is the patron saint of Las Vegas.'   The answers will surprise you.  We profile an incredible man, who gave his life so others would be comforted, Blessed Damien of Molokai.  This selfless priest went to care for lepers on the Hawaiin island of Molokai, and eventually died of the disease.

On the 'Saints of the Week' segment we learn of several popes, including one who resigned his office, and was possibly relegated to a circle of hell by the Italian poet Dante because of it.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_58_Blessed_Damien_of_Molokai.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #57, 'Blackberry thumb,' New Brazilian Saint, marathon training, Darth Vader on Church, feedback 312.235.2278

A new Saint for the New World - as Pope Benedict travels to Brazil to canonize the first Brazilian-born Saint.  We profile this holy man and priest from Sao Paulo, Frei Galvao.

We also discuss marathon training, a case of 'Blackberry thumb,' and the new Ustream technology.  Darth Vader is there on the outside of the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., as a type of gargoyle.

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SaintCast Episode #56, More from Washington,D.C., Scottish wishes, anticipation from Brazil, the Mission, feedback 312.235.2278

Special Scottish greetings on this SaintCast.  We hear listener feedback of a conversion story, and anticipation of the first Brazilian-born Saint to be canonized this weekend in Sao Paolo. 

Continuing our tour of the beautiful National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C., we learn of Our Lady of Mariazell, Our Lady of Peace from Vailankanni, India, and other devotions.  A listener gives us our Saint quote of the show, from the epic movie, The Mission.  Stay tunes for a special show on the new Brazilian Saint, Frei Galvao, later this week.

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SaintCast Episode #55, Soundseeing at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington, D.C., audiofeedback 312.235.2278

Paul's recent visit to Washington, D.C., takes him down Connecticut Avenue, the Metro, and out to the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception on the campus of Catholic University.  Join him to hear "saintly" tunes on the jukebox at a lunch stop, and to walk through the Upper Church at the Basilica, dedicated to the Patroness of the United States.

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SaintCast Episode #54, Mamertine Prison, patron St. of salmon, Paul's favorite Rome spots, joke of week, feedback 312.235.2278

Who is the patron Saint of salmon?  Do other fish have patron saints?  A new St. Jeopardy quiz, a brief visit to the Mamertine Prison, where Sts. Peter and Paul were imprisoned in Rome, visiting Rome and Paul's Rome highlight list, more T-shirt giveaways, and more on SaintCast 54.

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SaintCast Episode #53, St. George, Welsh & Hawaii feedback, favorite Saints, relics of St. Mark, feedback 312.235.2278

Happy Feast of St. George to all our British listeners.  What do we know of the real St. George?  Audio feedback from Wales and the big island of Hawaii, the return of St. Jeopardy.  Send us an audio file on your patron saint, or your favorite saint for our new segment. 

More on St. Mark the Evangelist, whose feast day falls this week.  Where are his relics?

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SaintCast Episode #52, St. Faustina & Divine Mercy, prayers for VA Tech, Happy B-day BXVI, Sts. of week, feedback 312.235.2278

Prayers for those lost at Virginia Tech massacre.  The Apostle of Mercy, St. Faustina.  We learn a little about her life from the rector of the Diocesan Shrine of  Divine Mercy in Kansas City, Missouri, Msgr. William Blacet. 

The Feast of St. Bernadette and one of her miracles recounted in our Miracle Minute.  The Saints of the Week and birthday greetings for Benedict XVI on this SaintCast.

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SaintCast Episode #51, Soundseeing at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Notre Dame, Paschal greetings, feedback 312.235.2278

Paschal greetings from all over the world in this show.  Some reflections on the Twitter phenomenon, and a cool soundseeing tour of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart at the University of Notre Dame.  Specifically, we visit the relics chapel where there are relics of every Saint in the Roman calendar as well as a relic of the true cross.

Pascal greetings in 250 languages -
Basilica of the Sacred Heart -

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SaintCast Episode #50, Old Testament Saints, saints covered in purple, anniversary of JPII's death, audio feedback 312.235.2278

Are the Old Testament Prophets and Patriarchs still in heaven?  Why do Catholics not call them Saints?  Join us as Fr. Seraphim Beshoner talks us through this question, and explains why the Eastern Church does call Abraham St. Abraham.

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