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SaintCast #83, Christmas Saint Traditions, St. Francis and Greccio, voice discovered on TV commercials, fback +1.312.235.2278

What's the connection with St. Clare, television, and Christmas? Why would a girl wishing to marry throw a shoe at the door around midnight on November 29th? Why is St. Thomas remembered on the longest night of the year? These are just a few of the many Saint traditions associated with the Christmas season. We've got beautiful Christmas songs from someone I discovered on a TV commercial (!) and St. Francis and Greccio on the SaintCast"After Christmas Special." Music from,, and

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SaintCast Episode #82, Feedback and more, St. John of the Cross, new podcast from Wales, Saint Joke of week, +1.312.235.227

What do a physics professor, Philmont Boy Scouts, a Dominican friar at Midway Airport, college students from Milwaukee, Penn State, and Fordham have in common? They've all sent in feedback that has yet to be played on the SaintCast - until now! Listen in on the Feedback special, some biographical notes on St. John of the Cross, and a preview of a new podcast from Wales, as well as the Saint JOKE of the WEEK.

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SaintCast Episode #81, SoundSeeing at St. Josaphat's in Milwaukee, Sts. Juan Diego, Lucy, and more, feedback +1.312.235.2278

On today's SaintCast we travel with the Camarata Clan to the Basilica of St. Josaphat in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, getting lost along the docks on the way. A great week for Saint Feast Days with St. Juan Diego, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Lucy, and more! Tell us about your favorite saint, a favorite patron, or a favorite saintly tradition this Advent Season.

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SaintCast Episode #80, St. Cecilia, new Blessed Rosmini, VocationsCast, Indonesian greetings, audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

Fact or Fiction, Legend or History - who was the real St. Cecilia? And why is she the patron saint of Music? Tune in to SaintCast #80 to find out. Special Indonesian greetings from a listener in Perth. A new Blessed, whose writings were previously condemned by the Church. The resting place (s) of St. Josaphat, and a new podcast on vocations.

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SaintCast Episode #79, Sts. Zacchaeus & Josaphat, marathon training for Tulsa, John of Shanghai, feedback at +1.312.235.2278

Yes, even the Dynamic Duo turned to the saints for intercession. Today we learn of the Slavic cleric who hoped and fought for union between Latin and Eastern churches, and whose body was found to be incorrupt, years after suffering a brutal martyrdom. Was Zacchaeus a saint? Marathon training, tapering, struggling, words of wisdom from an Orthodox Saint, SQPN giving, and a new St. Jeopardy quiz and winner on SaintCast #79.

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'All Saints'Cast #78, 10 Ways to Grow Closer to God with Bert Ghezzi, Italian teen saint?, St. Jeopardy, fback +1.312.235.2278

Today we welcome Dr. Bert Ghezzi to the SaintCast. Frequent contributor to EWTN and author of 17 books, including his latest, "The Heart of a Saint," Dr. Ghezzi tells us what it takes to be a Saint. A great addition to your library just in time for the Feast of All Saints. What animal is on the San Damiano crucifix? The winner of St. Jeopardy, news of a possible cause for sainthood of a young Italian teenager, and more on this special edition of the SaintCast.

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SaintCast #77, Steve Runner and St. Sebastian, Cardinal Newman miracle, largest Beatification in history, fback +1.312.235.2278

Steve Runner of the award-winning Phedippidations podcast joins us on the SaintCast to discuss his favorite patron saint, the patron saint of athletes, St. Sebastian. Here he is with his son in full SQPN regalia at the American League Baseball Championship at Fenway Park. We go over the Saints of the Week, listener feedback, saints-in-the-news including talk about a miracle for Cardinal Newman, the beatification of 498 martyrs of the Spanish Civil War, and another mug winner for the Saint Joke of the week.

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SaintCast Episode #76, Soundseeing in Assisi, Stanford college reunion, Catholic United for Faith, feedback +1.312.235.2278

Today, in honor of the Feast of St. Francis 2 weeks ago, we present another soundseeing tour of some of the sacred places in Assisi. We take you on hike down the Umbrian hillside to San Damiano, the small church where St. Francis first heard Jesusâs call, to the Basilica of St. Francis and its marvelous frescoes, and the tiny walkways and pathways through this quaint central Italian village.

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SaintCast #75, Blessed Piergiorgio Frassati, Podcast Expo and community, YoGeek, St. joke, audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

It was a great weekend at the Podcast and New Media Expo in Ontario, California. We caught up with Elsie Escobar of the YoGeek Workout Podcast, and asked the question, "Who is your favorite patron saint?" We profile a young Blessed future saint, Pier Giorgio Frassati, often called "The Man of the Beatitudes," who died at the young age of 24. 

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SaintCast Episode #74, Becoming a Patron Saint, miracle of San Gennaro, patron of lost taste & princesses, +1.312.235.2278

Have you ever wondered why St. Teresa of Avila is the patron saint of those with headaches, or why St. Anthony is the patron of lost things? Today we talk to Monsignor Robert Sarno of the Congregation for the Causes of the Saint in the Vatican about how the process takes place. News from the Podcast and PME convention in Ontario, California, listeners proposals about the patron of the loss of the sense of taste, the miracle of the blood of St. Januarius, and a new Saint Jeopardy.

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Today on the SaintCast we have the great pleasure of interviewing the postulator for the Cause of Mother Teresa, and the editor of her new book, "Come Be My Light," Fr. Brian Kolodiejchuk. Fr. Brian discusses Mother Teresa's 'inner darkness,' and the media reaction to this being brought to light in the private writings of the founder of the Missionaries of Charity. Tune in to listen to the inner thoughts through the life's journey of this modern saint, Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Mother Teresa center

Mother Teresa canonization site

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SaintCast Episode #72, Finding the True Cross, intercession of Saints, new book on Bl. Teresa, feedback +1.312.235.2278

Today on the SaintCast we discuss the history behind the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, and the finding of the relics of the True Cross. We go to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for another "SaintCast Man on the Street" interview to see how many know the patron saint of Milwaukee. We hear a great book review on Mother Teresa's new book, "Come Be My Light" from the Curt Jester, Jeff Miller.  Listener feedback asking about non-Catholic saints, a new St. Jeopardy, and more ways to win SaintCast mugs on SaintCast #72.

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SaintCast #71, Saints for Sinners, Bruce Springsteen, Katrina, hand-painted medals, 14 Holy helpers, feedback +1.312.235.2278

What do 'The Boss' Bruce Springsteen, Hurricane Katrina, and Saints have in common? Tune in to the latest SaintCast to find out. Paul interviews Rob Clemenz of the website who handcrafts hand-painted saints medals. Jamaican welcome, Fr. Seraphim Beshoner on St. Simon of Cyrene, listener feedback, and Saints of the coming week on SaintCast #71.

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SaintCast Episode #70, St. Monica, Patron of carbonated H20, Simon of Cyrene, Catholic Family podcast, feedback 312.235.2278

On today's SaintCast, we profile the patron saint of mothers with difficult children (probably all of our mothers) St. Monica. The answer to St. Jeopardy on the Irish pilgrim saint whose name is on bottles of carbonated water worldwide. Listener feedback. Is Simon of Cyrene a Saint? A new chance to win a T-shirt and new SaintCast mug, on SaintCast #70.

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SaintCast #69, Saints and Scouting, Saints vs. Wild, Saints of the Week, facebook, Saint Joke, feedback 312.235.2278

Paul returns from his New Mexico scouting adventure fresh with new experiences and a renewed zest for civilized life.  A look at the honored Saints of the Week for this week including St. Bernard and St. Rose of Lima.  The Spacebook-My Face community (or whatever it's called), and a Saint Joke of the week, all on the new SaintCast.

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SaintCast Episode #68, Blessed Ivan Mrtz, 'Ask the Dr. segment,' Nicodemus and Michelangelo, feedback +1.312.235.2278

While I'm still hiking in New Mexico, we'll learn about another of the elect, Blessed Ivan Mrtz, a saint for the young people. The photo above is courtesy AJ, a scout who just returned from Philmont Scout ranch. What a beautiful testament to God's creation. 'Ask the Doctor' segment, and Saints of the Week on SaintCast 68.

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SaintCast Episode #67, Compostela recap, questions on Korean apparition, Dying Man's blog, OntheU, fback +1.312.235.2278

While I'm in the New Mexico mountains, we recap the long pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela made recently by SaintCast listener Steve Nelson and friends.  We talk about news about a questionable apparition in Korea, feedback on the blog of someone living with cancer, and preview of SaintCasts to come on SaintCast #67.

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SaintCast Episode #66, A Scouting Adventure, Cowbell?, St. Jeopardy, SQPN Board meeting, iPhone, feedback +1.312.235.2278

Back after a busy two weeks, on this SaintCast we pray for the intercession of St. George as scouting celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first Scout Camp.  A little about the first SQPN board meeting, and more cowbell.  iPhone spoofs, the Saints of the Week, a new St. Jeopardy question, and my preparations for the a journey to New Mexico on SaintCast #66.

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SaintCast #65, iPhones and Apparitions, saint prayers answered, RelicMan returns, SQPN meets in GA, feedback +1.312.235.2278

Fr. Jay Finelli, the iPadre joins us to talk about official versus unofficial apparitions. The iPhone cometh, feedback on answered prayers from patron saints, the RelicMan returns, and Saints of the Week on SC #65.

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SaintCast Episode #64, soundseeing in Chicago, red frisbees, deep dish pizza, year of St. Paul, audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

Frisbees over the altar? Tune in as we visit Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago, and sample Chicago's own deep dish pizza. A number of great saints are celebrated this week, and Thursday Pope Benedict declare this 'the year of St. Paul.'

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SaintCast Episode #63, St. Anne, Golden Legend, Boy Scout Camp, Episcopalian Saints, St. Therese beads, feedback +1.312.235.2278

Paul Calamari :-p is back with SaintCast 63 and a profile of St. Anne. A new St. Jeopardy answer and T-shirt giveaway, website for Pilgrimages, the pope's visit to Assisi, St. Peregrine and cancer, more on Iraqi Christians, and 2 Saint Jokes-of-the-Week on the latest SaintCast.

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SaintCast Episode #62, Fr. Ragheed Ganni martyr, Saints of week, Eucharistic processions, audio feedback at  +1.312.235.2278

On Today's SaintCast we discuss the recent death of Iraqi Chaldean priest, Fr. Ragheed Ganni, killed while returning from Mass on Pentecost Sunday. We hear a touching letter from a Muslim friend. The Saints on the Roman calendar this week, and personal notes on Eucharistic adoration.

Article written on Fr. Ragheed Ganni
Papal audience on St. Cyprian
12 promises and visions of St. Margaret Mary

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SaintCast Episode #61, St. Charles of Mount Argus, Favorite patron saint, saint movie database, feedback +1.312.235.2278

The Curt Jester, Jeff Miller, joins us for our new segment interviewing podcasters and bloggers, asking "Who is your favorite Patron Saint?" Four new saints this past weekend, including a Dutch-born priest who spent most of his life in Ireland. A new St. Jeopardy quiz, a database for Saint movies, and the week's saint calendar on SaintCast 61.

The Curt Jester's blog

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SaintCast Episode #60, Jerome Lejeune, Man on Street-Chicago, Justin Martyr,Down's syndrome, Relicman,feedback +1.312.235.2278

Paul goes to Chicago for another SaintCast "Man-on-the-Street" interview, Saints of the Week including St. Bede, Joan of Arc, and Justin Martyr.  We have a saintly profile of French Geneticist Dr. Jerome Lejeune who discovered the genetic basis of Down's syndrome.  We talk relics with  Tom Serafin-'The Relicman.'  

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SaintCast Episode #59, Pilgrimages, Compostela, Canterbury, more on Fr Damien, Purple Martins, audio feedback 312.235.2278

On today's SaintCast we explore pilgrimages. . why to we go on pilgrimage?  What is the lure? Brother Giles joins us from Valladolid, Spain, where SaintCast listeners are getting ready to embark on the arduous journey of several hundred miles.  Listener feedback on pilgrimages in the UK.

A new St. Jeopardy, with a new prize!  More saintly news, purple martins, and rebuilding data from backups on the SaintCast.

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SaintCast Episode #58, Blessed Damien of Molokai, 'Man on the Street' interview, Dante and Celestine, feedback 312.235.2278

We debut a new segment on SaintCast #58, "Man on the Street" in Las Vegas, Nevada, asking 'who is the patron saint of Las Vegas.'   The answers will surprise you.  We profile an incredible man, who gave his life so others would be comforted, Blessed Damien of Molokai.  This selfless priest went to care for lepers on the Hawaiin island of Molokai, and eventually died of the disease.

On the 'Saints of the Week' segment we learn of several popes, including one who resigned his office, and was possibly relegated to a circle of hell by the Italian poet Dante because of it.

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SaintCast Episode #57, 'Blackberry thumb,' New Brazilian Saint, marathon training, Darth Vader on Church, feedback 312.235.2278

A new Saint for the New World - as Pope Benedict travels to Brazil to canonize the first Brazilian-born Saint.  We profile this holy man and priest from Sao Paulo, Frei Galvao.

We also discuss marathon training, a case of 'Blackberry thumb,' and the new Ustream technology.  Darth Vader is there on the outside of the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., as a type of gargoyle.

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SaintCast Episode #56, More from Washington,D.C., Scottish wishes, anticipation from Brazil, the Mission, feedback 312.235.2278

Special Scottish greetings on this SaintCast.  We hear listener feedback of a conversion story, and anticipation of the first Brazilian-born Saint to be canonized this weekend in Sao Paolo. 

Continuing our tour of the beautiful National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C., we learn of Our Lady of Mariazell, Our Lady of Peace from Vailankanni, India, and other devotions.  A listener gives us our Saint quote of the show, from the epic movie, The Mission.  Stay tunes for a special show on the new Brazilian Saint, Frei Galvao, later this week.

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SaintCast Episode #55, Soundseeing at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington, D.C., audiofeedback 312.235.2278

Paul's recent visit to Washington, D.C., takes him down Connecticut Avenue, the Metro, and out to the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception on the campus of Catholic University.  Join him to hear "saintly" tunes on the jukebox at a lunch stop, and to walk through the Upper Church at the Basilica, dedicated to the Patroness of the United States.

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SaintCast Episode #54, Mamertine Prison, patron St. of salmon, Paul's favorite Rome spots, joke of week, feedback 312.235.2278

Who is the patron Saint of salmon?  Do other fish have patron saints?  A new St. Jeopardy quiz, a brief visit to the Mamertine Prison, where Sts. Peter and Paul were imprisoned in Rome, visiting Rome and Paul's Rome highlight list, more T-shirt giveaways, and more on SaintCast 54.

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SaintCast Episode #53, St. George, Welsh & Hawaii feedback, favorite Saints, relics of St. Mark, feedback 312.235.2278

Happy Feast of St. George to all our British listeners.  What do we know of the real St. George?  Audio feedback from Wales and the big island of Hawaii, the return of St. Jeopardy.  Send us an audio file on your patron saint, or your favorite saint for our new segment. 

More on St. Mark the Evangelist, whose feast day falls this week.  Where are his relics?

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SaintCast Episode #52, St. Faustina & Divine Mercy, prayers for VA Tech, Happy B-day BXVI, Sts. of week, feedback 312.235.2278

Prayers for those lost at Virginia Tech massacre.  The Apostle of Mercy, St. Faustina.  We learn a little about her life from the rector of the Diocesan Shrine of  Divine Mercy in Kansas City, Missouri, Msgr. William Blacet. 

The Feast of St. Bernadette and one of her miracles recounted in our Miracle Minute.  The Saints of the Week and birthday greetings for Benedict XVI on this SaintCast.

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SaintCast Episode #51, Soundseeing at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Notre Dame, Paschal greetings, feedback 312.235.2278

Paschal greetings from all over the world in this show.  Some reflections on the Twitter phenomenon, and a cool soundseeing tour of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart at the University of Notre Dame.  Specifically, we visit the relics chapel where there are relics of every Saint in the Roman calendar as well as a relic of the true cross.

Pascal greetings in 250 languages -
Basilica of the Sacred Heart -

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SaintCast Episode #50, Old Testament Saints, saints covered in purple, anniversary of JPII's death, audio feedback 312.235.2278

Are the Old Testament Prophets and Patriarchs still in heaven?  Why do Catholics not call them Saints?  Join us as Fr. Seraphim Beshoner talks us through this question, and explains why the Eastern Church does call Abraham St. Abraham.

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SaintCast Episode #49, Sts. Gabriel and Raphael, Honey-tongued saint, Tooth fairy saint, angels & saints, feedback 312.235.2278

We continue our profile of the archangels - with Sts. Gabriel and Raphael.  Where are they mentioned in the Bible?  We learn of the patron of bee-keepers, the honey-tongued orator of the early Church.  Does the tooth fairy have a patron saint?  Great audio feedback and two classic prayers.  Audio of Padre Pio and more on this SaintCast.

Thanks to Kathy Couture for script and research,

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SaintCast Episode #48, St. Michael, patron saint of Vegas, St. Patrick and yoga, Totus Tuus donation, feedback 312.235.2278

On this SaintCast, listener feedback and the patron Saint of Policemen - St. Michael the Archangel.  How is he associated with exorcisms?  We learn of St. Michael in other world religions.
St. Jeopardy, yoga and St. Patrick, a new Pennsylvania Servus Dei, Sally Gardens, and the working donation site for the Totus Tuus cause, all on this SaintCast.

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SaintCast Episode #47, Soundseeing in Barcelona with Brother Giles, PaxTV from Peru, send us greetings, feedback 312.235.2278

Join Brother Giles of the Secrets of Harry Potter Podcast on a wonderful tour of the Cloisters of the Cathedral Basilica of Barcelona in Spain.  He gives us a vivid portrait of the Saints revered by the Catalonians, whose monuments and memorials are clustered throughout this holy space. 

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_47_Soundseeing_in_Barcelona.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #46, St. Patrick, Visions, Snakes, Clover, and Cabbage, St. Jeopardy, audio feedback 312.235.2278

Happy St. Patty's Day to all!  Today we'll discover the real St. Patrick - visions, snakes, clover and cabbage!  With excerpts from the Canadian documentary "St. Patrick, Apostle of Ireland" we discover what we know about the 'real' St. Patrick.  The answer to our 'snow sports' patron saint, and a new Jeopardy question.  How do you celebrate St. Patrick's day - let us know on the blog at

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_46_St._Patrick.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #45, St. Clement of Rome, a new 'royal' Saint?,  new format, audio feedback 312.235.2278

Pope Benedict XVI sets the tone for this SaintCast, continuing his catechesis at his general audiences with more on St. Clement of Rome.  We take a look at what we know about the fourth pope, his life, his letters, his death.  We continue our look at the Station Churches of Lent in Rome in our Saints of the Week segment.  More audio feedback, comments on the new format, and more from Brother Giles in Barcelona, on coming SaintCasts. 

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_45_St._Clement_of_Rome.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #44, Soundseeing at St. Jude shrine in San Francisco, Rice-a-Roni, St. Jeopardy, audio feedback 312.235.2278

Today we travel to the St. Jude Shrine within St. Dominic's Church in San Francisco, California. We brave cable car accidents and wet streets and microphones to bring you this soundseeing tour, with a little history of St. Jude Thaddeus, the patron saint of lost causes. A little about 'the brothers of Christ.' St. Jeopardy returns with a description of St. Elmo's fire, listener feedback, and a Saint thought of the day on this SaintCast. Many thanks to Kathy Couture for the script and background info on St. Jude Thaddeus and the shrine. St. Jude shrine website

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_44_St._Jude.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #43, 1st Anniversary, podcaster feedback, run on JPII relics, Lenten station churches, feedback 312.235.2278

Can you believe it's been a year since the first SaintCast on St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina?  Many saints, soundseeing tours, and interviews later, we're still telling the wonders of the saints.  After all, there are thousands!  Tune in today to hear feedback from my favorite podcasters.

Learn about the Saints of this week in the Roman calendar, and the practice that Pope Benedict is reviving in Rome -- the Lenten Station Churches.  Did the SaintCast contribute to the run on JPII relics?  The cause for canonization is financially strapped because of postage to send out all the 2nd class relics.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_43_First_anniversary.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #42, St. David of Wales, wearing leeks, Patron of oversleeping, eyes and the soul, feedback 312.235.2278

A very happy and blessed St. David's Day to all! Yes, today is the Feast of St. David of Wales, and many in Wales will be wearing daffodils and leeks. Yes, I said Leeks. Paul took a leek yesterday in the grocery store, and wore it in his scrubs today (See photo below). It was quite an unusual scent, requiring a lot of cologne to mask the odor. Find out why Welsh wear leeks today, in honor of this special Saint. We learn of his holy life, and a special reading from that Shakespearian thespian, Sir Giles of Valladolid. In today's St. Jeopardy we discover the patron saint of oversleeping, and discuss more on the Seat of the Soul, including new research that indicates that the eyes are the mirror to the soul.

Direct download: SaintCast_Episode_42_St._David_of_Wales.mp3
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SaintCast Episode #41, Michelangelo and the soul, Sr. Lucia of Fatima,St. Jeopardy returns, feedback 312.235.2278

Did Michelangelo leave a secret at the center of the great Sistine Chapel ceiling? Should we call it the "Buonarotti Code?" Join us as we explore what might be the great Renaissance artist's conception of the "endowment of the soul" and the intellect of man rather than "The Creation of Adam." We hear of new Saint news that Sr. Lucia of Fatima might be soon on the fast track to canonization, according to the prefect for the Congregation of the Causes of Saints. A lot of feedback on where to write for the 2nd class relic of John Paul II . . try the following e-mail address: We devote much of this podcast to great feedback on a variety of issues, including a number of new saints to profile in the weeks to come. The long awaited answer to the last St. Jeopardy question, and you can try your hand at a new question. 

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SaintCast Episode #40, St. Agatha, Soundseeing in Catania, Sicily, riding cable cars in San Francisco, feedback 312.235.2278 Paul's riding cable cars in San Francisco this week. But join him on a soundseeing tour of The Cathedral of St. Agatha in Catania, Sicily, recorded on a trip made last August. Catania is a city that has been destroyed numerous times by the largest active volcano in Europe, Mount Etna. Come with us through the streets of this Sicilian coastal town, and learn of the story of this early martyr of the Church. Songs this episode. . 
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SaintCast Episode #39, St. John Bosco, boxing's patron, JPII relic, 1st Maltese saint, Hindu seat of soul, fback 312.235.2278 Who could be Rocky's patron Saint? The Relicman returns with a series on electronic simony. I just received my 2nd class relic of JPII and you can request one, too. Listen in to find out how. Feedback on where Hinduism sees the "Seat of the Soul." We take a brief look at the miracles and marvels in the life of one of the saints on this week's liturgical calendar, St. John Bosco. Paul's pronunciation gaffes, interesting revelations in an upcoming book about John Paul II, and the story of the mysterious dog that accompanied St. John Bosco, on this week's SaintCast. 
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SaintCast Episode #38, John Allen on canonization, cooking with saints, doctor at Calvary, JPII & sainthood, 312.235.2278

Today, we welcome to the SaintCast, a friend and former high school debate team member, John Allen. You know John as the Senior Vatican correspondent for CNN and as Senior Correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter. He enlightens us on the formal process of canonization as it exists today, managed by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in the Roman Curia. John is the author of many books on Catholic topics, which can be accessed through the links below. SaintCast is mentioned around the world, courtesy of the Catholic News Service - see the link below, and an article in one of Brazil's leading newspapers. We discuss "Cooking with Saints" and "A Doctor at Calvary" in the book segment. And John Paul II is perhaps 2 more miracles closer to being declared a saint, with some speculating it might occur as early as 2008. All this and more on this week's SaintCast. 

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SaintCast Episode #37, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, In the 'Hood with Fr. Seraphim, New Year's saints, audio feedback 312.235.2278

This SaintCast sponsored by Todd from Houston, Texas, for his wife and girls. We profile the first American-born saint, Elizabeth Ann Seton, the foundress of Catholic education in the United States. Grab your stethoscope and learn about a couple of the first Doctors of the Church, in this week's Calendar of the Saints. Fr. Seraphim Beshoner of the Catholic Under the Hood podcast pays a visit to the SaintCast and we discuss Notre Dame football, the difference between religious and diocesan clerics, and the history of the Franciscans. Stay tuned for our interview with CNN and National Catholic Reporter Senior Vatican correspondent, John Allen, on the next SaintCast. Songs from this episode . . . Bree Noble with "Can You See the Stars," at American Baroque with "Dances and Suites of Rameau and Couperin" at Podcasts mentioned on this episode . . . Catholic Under the Hood at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Shrine at

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